December 13, 2014

DIY Upcycled Can Pansy Planter {Teacher Gifts}

This project could not have come at a better time! With the holidays in full swing, these fun little planters are a beautifully simple and inexpensive gift for teachers, bus drivers and neighbors. The total cost for making one will depend on what your craft stockpile looks like. I have a pretty extensive hoard of craft stuff... but most of the supplies that you need for this one are pretty basic.  We made nine total planters and it didn't cost me anything more than the cost of the pansies- $7.99! That is less than $1 a pop for a cute handmade gift that is way better than giving junk food or just another "world's best teacher" mug. 

I was inspired to share this project with my readers because of how great they turned out for the limited time and money invested. I was so excited that I even put together my very first video for you guys. I am even more excited to share M's take on the project at the end of the post!

In the video, you will see that this is a fairly simple project. However, I feel like adding the little touches with the tag and the felt really take it up a notch.

The steps and extra tips can all be found in the video. I did put together a list of supplies and tools that you will need to gather before starting your project.

Hole punch
Hot glue gun
Spoon or a trowel

Craft and Planting Supplies
A clean and dry tin can
Twine or curling ribbon
Felt- a small scrap piece should do the job
Craft glue or glue sticks
Paper for tag
Embellishments for tag decoration
Potting soil (1 tin can's worth)

We actually helped our Daisy Girl Scout troop make these at our last meeting. If six kindergarteners can make these with limited assistance, I am sure that you can make them on your own or help your little ones to make these adorable planters.

Our amazing group of girls were so proud of their upcycled can project!

M's take on the project

Today was amazing for M! She has been struggling with staying with the rest of the troop. She often leaves the table where we are doing a project and isolates herself in her room. She is normally very excited about the projects that we do, but when it comes down to game time... she is less than thrilled and it is an issue when I have to leave the rest of the girls to coax her out of her room. Generally, I just let her be and continue with the lesson that we had planned. The reason that I signed up to be a troop leader was to provide another small group social setting for M- so it breaks my heart when she is not involved. I really think that we had a break through today- she was fabulous. Not only did she stay on task with the pansy planter project, she was taking part in our discussion. My cup runneth over...

What kind of gifts do you give to the teachers and neighbors on your list?


  1. What a super cute idea. We will have to suggest this for our troop, too!

  2. Hubs and I like to have a quiet dinner at buckhead diner then hit the fox theatre.
    Trisha Dowling