Behind the Blog

I am flattered that you want to know more about me! 

My name is Carly. I am lucky to have an amazing hubby that works hard to make it possible for me to be a SAHM for our two kiddos. When I am not working on our blog or picking up toys, I love gardening and being outside. I am an amateur photographer- by that I mean I just got a fancy camera and I like to pretend that I know what I am doing with it.  I will never turn down the chance to have a dance party with my kids or an invite to go antique shopping.

The best thing that has come from writing this blog is the inspiration that comes from meeting new people and being able to share our journey with them. Every family has a story and I feel honored that so many people want to hear ours. We are really finding joy in helping others. 

You can contact me at