November 4, 2014

The best gift I ever gave my daughter.

Tonight, I hugged my 2 year old goodnight for the last time and it was bittersweet. Yep, I am a sentimental fool. I am always the one saying, "This time XYZ years ago... we were here, there or the other place."  So, this post is going to be a lot of sentimental stuff about what was going on just about 3 years ago. As I type this, I am thinking back to the same time and date exactly 3 years ago. It was last time I would ever go to bed pregnant- one thing that I am more than thankful for! 

During my pregnancy, M had lovingly referred to the baby as "Baby Peanut." She would sit and talk to my belly and chatter about how she was excited to meet her brother.I woke up November 5th with some pretty serious contractions already 3-4 minutes apart. Our daughter was spending the night with her grandparents, so the hubby and I headed to the hospital for a mostly uneventful delivery. Our sweet "Peanut" was born on UGA's bye week and just in time for dinner- he was very thoughtful.

Meeting my son for the first time was much different than when I met my daughter. Meeting our first born was exciting because the concept of being parents was new and it was amazing to meet our first little miracle. Meeting our second and last child brought on a feeling of fulfillment. We had successfully brought the final piece of our puzzle into the world- and he was handsome from minute one. I remember looking up at my husband and sobbing tears of total joy as we listened to his sweet little voice for the first time.

Only one moment could ever top that. It came only 30 minutes later when our daughter met her little brother. Her excitement upon meeting him was amazing to see. To this day, the memory of the four of us being together for the first time is my most treasured memory.

For M, it was love at first sight. From day one, she has been the best big sister I could have wished her to be. Even now, when she meets new people, she makes sure to introduce her little brother. As he grows into a trouble making 3 year old, she is still his #1 fan.

I think that the best gift you can ever give your child is a sibling. I know that some people are only 1 kid kind of people- and that is great. I am not in the business of parent shaming. To each their own, but from personal experience as both a sister and the mom of two kids, siblings are priceless. I know that my kids will always have someone in their corner even if my hubby and I can't be. There will come a day, I am sure fairly soon... that the kids will compare notes about mommy and daddy. One day, we will not be their favorite people- it happens. When they hit their teens and they need someone to understand what they are going through or cheer them on- I pray my kids still have each other's backs. 

The only person more excited about Peanut's birthday than Peanut himself- is M! When I was tucking her in bed tonight, I told her that she was an amazing big sister. I told her that I loved how much she loves him. She just smiled and said, "I know." I can't wait to watch them grow up together... if they would just slow down a bit!

Happy 3rd birthday Peanut!




  1. Caroline Paris BrennanNovember 5, 2014 at 4:09 AM

    You are such an amazing mom. I agree with you. As the oldest of 4 and a mommy of 2 I can say siblings are such a gift.

  2. So sweet when older siblings meet their younger siblings for the first time. This was so sweet. My youngest will be three soon too.