October 10, 2014

WebSafety App Review- @WebSafetyInc

This post was sponsored by the wonderful team at WebSafety, Inc. We were also provided with a free trial for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

The WebSafety app is a comprehensive tool for parents to monitor their children's activity on their handheld devices. Currently, the app is available for installation on Android devices through Google Play with the highly anticipated iOS version to be released in the next few months. 

From my personal experience with the app, I feel that this would be a great program for parents with children that are new to the responsibility that comes with the power of smartphones. The creators and developers of the WebSafety app do not intend this to be a way to spy on your child. Instead, they offer it as a way to keep up with your kids and to spark discussion based on what they are talking about on social media, in their text messaging and web searches. 

The WebSafety app has 7 main features that are all summarized on an easy to navigate dashboard. I think the best way to break down my review is by each feature. So... here we go!

The dashboard provided me with a quick look at all of the recent activity including all of the feature tabs, notifications and who they spend the most time talking to. It can be accessed from any device that has a internet browser- not just an Android. WebSafety is planning on launching another app for the monitoring soon- very exciting!

Under this tab, I was able to see what apps were in use. I also noticed a pie chart that showed me what percentage of time was spent in each app. Notifications are also sent to the parent when apps are loaded or deleted.

This is my favorite feature. You can see all of the messages sent back and forth from the monitored device. Notifications are sent to the dashboard when off-color words or terms are used. I was even able to add my own flagged term and was able to do a search for any term at any time.

This is the most useful feature in my opinion. No matter what age your child is, you can block any site by simply adding a web address. On the flip side, you can also just allow certain sites. If they try to wander it will pop up a blocked message. This feature is great for the little ones that aren't aware that shiny pop up ads are not part of the site they started on.

Once you have your child enter their password, all of their Facebook activity is uploaded to this tab. You can even see what pictures they are tagged in. 

Every 15 minutes, the dashboard and location tab are updated with the location of the device. I am sure my parents would have loved to have this feature when I was a kid. Now you won't have to worry if they forget to call to tell you that they made it to a friend's house or if the made it to school on time!

I really love the curfew feature. If you want your child to have no access during school hours, you can just click on the timeframe and it will lock them out of their phone. Don't worry, the ability to make emergency calls is never blocked!

Notifications are listed at the top of the dashboard, but can also be accessed in this tab for a full look at current and past notifications. 


Having said all of that, I would recommend this app to anyone with kids or teens. The only way to protect our kids is to be vigilant. Like any other tool, WebSafety can't stop your child from making age appropriate choices and inquiries. However, WebSafety gives you the upper hand and helps you guide your child in the right direction.

If you are interested in trying out the WebSafety App, click on the image below and get started for 1/2 off of the $3.99 monthly monitoring fee. If you are interested in pricing plans for multiple devices click here.

Wishing you safe surfin'!

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