October 3, 2014

The day that M took "nothing" in for show and tell. #momfail?

Every Thursday, M comes home with an empty paper bag and has to bring in one object from the house that starts with the letter of the week. This week the letter was "A." Easy enough, right? False. 

I swear we had nothing in our house that started with the letter A that would fit in a paper lunch bag. M started naming off things; apple, apricot, animal, aardvark... Since we were fresh out of aardvarks, the hubby and I started looking around the house trying to find anything that would work. 

I was looking around the kitchen and came up with... animal crackers! M was not impressed. She said that her friends would not like them. The search resumed. I started going through the cabinets... and in that desperate glorious moment I came up with nothing. Really, nothing. It was brilliant! I grabbed a small tupperware container and ran to M's room.

I showed her the container and took the lid off. "Do you know what is in here? It starts with an A!" I could hear my hubby's snickers of disapproval starting. I told her that there was AIR in the container- and she totally liked my idea! I am not going to lie- I was pretty proud of myself. The next five minutes were spent watching my hubby resume the search for "something better than nothing."

Since it was way past M's bedtime at this point, the search was called off. (You can also read that last sentence as, "Mommy won!") I double checked that she wanted to take "air" in for show and tell. Not only did she confirm the decision, she told her daddy that he needed to like "her air."

After we tucked her in bed, the hubby told me that it will look like we just "mailed it in" with a last minute show and tell hail Mary. I TOTALLY disagree! I told him that I was proud of my inspired contribution. 

When I told her teachers about it this morning, they thought that it was a great idea! I hope that show and tell goes well and that her classmates think that "her air" is as cool as we, minus my hubby, think it is.

Who do you agree with? Was this a #momwin or a #momfail? 


  1. I don't think it's a fail - it's a VERY creative use of a show and tell item! I'm so glad that M liked it, too.

  2. Thank you! I thought I was thinking outside of the box:)