October 30, 2014

My Conference Hangover #TypeACon

I have a hangover. Not to worry, it is not alcohol induced- it is more like an information overload. Today is the first day that I could gather my thoughts enough to attempt a coherent post about my fabulous experience at Type-A Con back in September... I am in blogger overload mode! The struggle is real people, I have been motivated to blog more than I thought possible and I am still working on putting all of my "must-dos" down on paper. 

The weekend was crammed full of amazing speakers and mini-sessions. I would share my notes with you...if you really want me to. But most of my readers are not looking for a blogging-how-to. Instead, I will share some of the pictures that I took this weekend with my iPhone- brace yourself for a dip in photo quality for this post. I was not gonna try to lug the "fancy" camera around for 4 days!


(Registration & Mixer- not pictured... I was busy chatting with other attendees)

After a long day of packing and getting settled in.... and maybe a few glasses of wine with Redhead Baby Mama.

(Disney Party)

My outfit was a nod to Marie from Aristocats!

I snuck away from the Disney fun to FaceTime my babies. 
A few minutes after this, they made me wash off my cat makeup- anything for my kiddos!

("Come as you are" Party- 90's or PJ dance party)
I scored a MTV shirt on clearance at Target and fit right in with the 90's craziness! 

I had an absolute blast learning and making some awesome new buddies! If you would like to read about my Pre-Con excitement, click here!

Which party would you rather go to? Disney or 90's theme party?

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