October 21, 2014

3 Reasons NOT to buy the No touch + Forehead from #BraunTherms

As a member of the Influenster network, I was provide with this product free of charge to try it out and review. I am in no way obligated to share my views with my readers. Based on my experience- I thought that I should!

I am bummed. I really wanted the Braun No touch to work. The concept would be perfect for my daughter with sensory issues. The thought behind the product is that you can either touch it to their forehead or not- perfect for sleeping kiddos, right? Well, not if it doesn't work. The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer retails at $69.99 and I would tell you to save your money. There are 3 main reasons that I do not recommend this product and I thought I should warn tell you about them.

1. The device is not accurate- according itself and other thermometers! In all honesty, this is really the only reason that matters. I read the directions, called the not-so-helpful line and even had other people try using it. First of all, my son was running a fever today. I took his temp 3 different ways. Two of them were the same... the "no-touch" was off by 3 degrees. I tried it 5 times, back to back and none of the readings were even close. Three degrees is the difference between medicating or not. It is the difference between keeping a kid home from school or taking them to the doctor. 
2. Too many variables! The instruction manual has a million things in it that could cause a difference in temperature. None of those things were an issue when I was taking my son's temperature. When you need to check a temp, you do not need to worry if the kid has worn a hat in the last 10 minutes, if they were nursing, if they have bangs or if they have been outside in the last 30 minutes. That takes the convenience out of it all together.
3. Contacting the product support line took me forever! Before I sat down to write up my review, I wanted to be sure that the issues that we were having were not caused by user error. I called Braun- because that is the name on the box. They told me that the product support had been transferred to a company called "KAZ." So if you already own this product and need to get in touch with someone, instead of calling Braun- call KAZ at 1-800-477-0457. Once you call, hopefully you will not sit on hold for 20 minutes like I did.
Once I made contact, I was told that they were going to send me a label to mail it back to them and they would send me a new one after testing it- in about 3 weeks! I am not sure how I feel about that. Yes I do... but I try to stay family friendly on this website.

I will update everyone once the customer service has followed their protocol and sends me another device. Until then- just go with the traditional thermometer.

Have you ever had a fail of a product & customer service experience?

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