October 16, 2014

3 Money Saving Tips for Eating Gluten Free

I have heard many people say that they would love to eat gluten free, but one of the reasons they haven't jumped on the wheat-free wagon is the inflated cost of GF foods. To this I respond with, "It does not have to be!" People who are throwing extra money at products marked "GF" are doing it wrong! Eating GF can get pricey- but only if you aren't willing to be resourceful! How do I know this? I learned the hard way.

Our first gluten free trip to the grocery store was about 30% more than our usual bill. Why? Because I grabbed way too many pantry padders. I bought different kinds of crackers, cookies, pretzels... you name it- I bought the gluten free version. I bought things that I would not have normally had in our house before. It was not good. The bigger issue was that we did like not about half of it and it went in the trash.

So, how do I save money while still providing a gluten free diet for my daughter? I will share my top three tips with you... because I am nice like that!

1. Stray from your store! I am a creature of habit. I like going to the same store for everything. With that being said, I am willing to drive to a different store if I can save big. I always get my meat and product from either Costco or Publix. However, if you need things baking mixes or snacks- check out Aldi, Kroger or Ingles. They all have great prices on gluten free products. For alternative flours- try farmers markets. You can even shop online for gluten free products!

2. Switch up your snacks, pantry padders, munchies, junk food or belly fillers- whatever you call them- try something new! Instead of replacing regular crackers with gluten free crackers- buy apples or string cheese. There are tons of options when you thing outside the  prepackaged box! If you are feeling fancy, you could even make your own snacks

3. Use coupons! This may be a no brainer, but it is often over looked. If you are looking for something specific, try looking on the company's website or Facebook page for coupons or discounts. The Puzzled Palate has an exclusive offers page with discounts for our readers- be sure to check it out too!

Happy savings!
Do you have any money saving tips for GF products?

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  1. Yes, I'm sure it can be expensive to eat gluten free. I like your point about making your own snacks. I try to cook everything and I find I save more that way.