September 29, 2014

Our day at the movies: The Hero of Color City Review

*We were offered complimentary tickets to the screening, but were not required to share our thought in a post. No compensation was offered for this post. All opinions are honest and my own!

This past weekend, I loaded up the kiddos and took them to a screening of The Hero of Color City, an animated film geared toward a Pre-K to Kindergarten age audience. After I booked the tickets, I showed the kids the movie trailer and they immediately started smiling and begging to go! 

Can you tell how excited they were?

The kids really enjoyed the movie and have been taking about it ever since. Memaw, my mother in law, came with us in order to keep the ratio of kids to adults balanced- thank goodness for that! It was also good to have another adult to discuss the movie with. We agreed that it was perfect for kids up to about 1st grade- as it is a very simple plot line, but it might be a little juvenile for kids over 7.

Peanut sat still through the entire movie! (Sorry for the grainy photo- it was dark in the theater!)

The Hero of Color City was a lot like Toy Story- but with crayons and different celebrity voices. I could pick out Wayne Brady, Christina Ricci and Owen Wilson... but there are quite a few other big names in the credits. 

Something that I really liked about The Hero of Color City is that the "villain" wasn't super scary at all! He was just misunderstood and was not a threatening character- much better for the younger kiddos in the crowd. 

M was thrilled that she was given a poster to bring home!

The movie will be in theaters October 3rd. I know that you are probably thinking, "Yeh... my Pre-K kid is not going to sit through a movie!" You can also watch The Hero of Color City On Demand or download it on iTunes the same day- problem solved! 

For your viewing pleasure... the trailer that put my kids through the roof!

Hope you get a chance to watch it with your kiddos!

Have you taken your kiddos to a movie recently?


  1. Everyone loves a little bit of swag! I'm surprised that the poster wasn't color-able! :) And yay - was that Peanut's first movie?

  2. Yay. Thank you so much!!