September 17, 2014

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: M's VIP Status

This past weekend, M and Peanut were invited to a birthday party for one of their good buddies. Normally when we head to a social gathering, we tend to pack M a gluten-free lunch and treat. The day before the party, the party's hosts contacted us to find out what kind of crackers M could have. They were already on a gluten free cupcake search! 

Yep- we have a pretty awesome group of friends. Our group of buddies will always be there to help and support one another- that is nothing new. However, the fact that our friends are going out of their way to make our girl feel included... that leaves us speechless and humbled.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for supporting us while we make changes for our daughter. It feels amazing to know that other people are seeing the change that M's new diet is making for her.

"M approved chips"

Our little artist.

Super excited to have her very own GF cupcakes!

What left you speechless this week?

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