April 16, 2014

Easter Baskets: Guaranteed to be gluten-free!

How can you guarantee that you fill your kiddos' Easter baskets with gluten-free options? Simply skip the candy! If that is not an option check out this list of gluten-free Easter candy . In our house, the majority of basket fillers have always been toys, crafts, knick-knacks and the like.
Over the last two days, M and Peanut went out to be your personal shoppers! If they liked it, I snapped a picture and added it to our list of non-food basket fillers. I have created 3 categories of non-food items: toys, arts and crafts, useful.


2. Coloring books
3. Crayola crayons
4. Washable Markers
5. Stencils
6. Colored pipe cleaners for crafts
7. Cute pencils
8. Plastic stained "glass" kits
9.  Beading/Jewelry kit
10. Watercolor paints

PLEASE READ: Many manufacturers make playdough that contains gluten. 
If you are afraid that your child might consume it- do not buy it!


2. Sand or gardening toys
3. Glow wands
4. Matchbox cars
5. Action figures
6. Sidewalk chalk
7. Books
8. Dress-up Jewelry
9. DVDs
10. Phase-10 for kids (a card game found near the board games) 


Pick out things that are useful!
1. Colorful Socks
2. Nail Polish
3. Fun toothbrushes
4. Headbands or other hair  accessories  
5. Cute nail files
6. Toothpaste
7. Sticky Notes
8. Travel-size toiletries
9. Seed Packets- plant them with your child
10. A gift card with a few bucks on it

PLEASE READ: Some cosmetics contain wheat or gluten. So, once again... if you think your child may consume the new Lip Smackers lip gloss you bought her- do not buy it! 

I am so excited to go back without my kids so I can suprise them on Easter. I will be sure to post pictures of our finished baskets on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest- be sure to follow me on social media so you don't miss anything!

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